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bbw Being a photographer for a modeling agency in the lower East Side of New York has a plethora of benefits. I have the pleasure of working with some of the richest and most powerful people in America, and I also have the pleasure of taking pictures of half naked women for a living. This one day in particular I was assigned to shoot photos for a plus sized women’s lingerie catalogue. I woke up early that morning as the photographer has to be the first to arrive and set up to make sure that everyone else stays on schedule for the day.

I arrived bright and early at the studio with all of my equipment in tow. As I was setting up the lighting and making sure that I had the right cameras and lenses the women began to arrive for the photo shoot already dressed in the sexiest of lingerie and ready for their pictures to be taken. I couldn’t help staring as I clumsily finished setting up the equipment. First up was Bridget, a brilliant beauty with the most amazing hips I had ever seen.  All of the other women went to the back dressing rooms to await their turns as Bridget took center stage. She flawlessly posed and sent my senses soring. As the photo shoot continued I couldn’t deny being attracted to her as I continued to eye the curve of her hips and her amazing thighs. The photo shoot wrapped after all of the models had had their pictures taken. As I was packing up my equipment I heard the director of the modeling agency inviting everyone to an after party. “That means you too Anthony.”, she said as she looked in my direction. “I’ll be there.”, I stammered.

As I arrived at the after party I instantly spotted Bridget. I looked away being too shy to say anything. She walked up to me and grabbed my hand. She looked directly at me and said, “I saw the way that you were looking at me at the photo shoot.” I felt my face get hot as she said, “Follow me.” She was still holding my hand as she led me to the bathroom. She placed my hand on her hips, those beautiful hips that I had been thinking about all day. I licked my lips as she moved my hands down her hips sliding off her tights. She unbuttoned and slid my pant off. “Sit down.” She directed. I sat on the toilet staring at her in a black dress. As she lifted the black dress I could see that she was wearing a black thong. She straddled me and moved the thong to the side. I bit my lip as I felt her pussy envelop my throbbing dick. She moved slowly and methodically squeezing her thighs as she moved her hips up and down. I pulled the top of her dressed down and toyed with her nipples. She became excited and moved faster until she came. I felt her squirt onto my dick, my muscles tensed, and I came as I bit and licked her nipples.

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